Technical features of Drenatech® drainage paving

Drenatech® is the innovative paving that combines environmental friendliness with the performance of a resistant, long-lasting material with exceptional technical and aesthetic features.

Our paving can be used for the construction of pedestrian areas (1 cm thick) as well as driveways (1.5 cm up to a maximum load of 7.5 tonnes). This makes Drenatech® an extremely versatile material, for countless fields of application: pedestrian paths, squares, cycle paths, terraces, swimming pools, as well as car parks, driveways and roads with moderate vehicular traffic.

Drenatech® solutions

Drenatech® can be laid on various types of substrates, offering two different types of solutions.

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100% permeable solution

In the 100% permeable solution, Drenatech® paving is laid on a draining concrete screed: the combination of these two materials, both featuring extremely high permeability values, creates a completely permeable surface, in which water is returned completely to the ground and recovered in the groundwater.

This solution allows large areas to be paved while respecting the hydrological cycle, without exacerbating the problems arising from overbuilding and soil sealing.

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Draining solution

The draining solution entails laying Drenatech® on concrete substrates or on well-compacted pre-existing pavements, the ideal solution for rapid non-invasive renovations aimed at improving the functionality and aesthetic performance of the paving.

This solution, combined with a proper water recovery system, makes it possible to ensure the surface obtained is always dry and safe.

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Drenatech Renovate

Drenatech Renovate is the ideal solution for quick and non-invasive renovations and consists in laying the Drenatech paving on pre-existing and well-consolidated paving. It makes it possible to renovate the paving, increasing its aesthetic value and ensuring the surface obtained is always dry and safe.

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Drenatech Balcony

The Drenatech Balcony solution involves laying Drenatech on concrete substrates laid on bituminous sheet with a minimum slope of 2% or directly on a layer of liquid waterproofing membrane with the appropriate slopes. It is the ideal solution to pave terraces in an elegant and functional manner, ensuring the surface is dry and safe.


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The cost of the complete sample is €60. The cost of the personalized sample book with 6 samples is €25.
The discount on the invoice for the sample purchased will be applied to the first order.

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