Pool decks

Drenatech® allows water to flow through its porous structure, preventing the surface from turning slippery and ensuring the utmost safety.
Drenatech® is rated Class B for pool decks according to DIN51097.

In fact, as it is a draining material, it prevent the phenomenon of runoff and water stagnation. The open and porous structure also enables natural air recirculation, a factor which, together with the high SRI indexes of the material, guarantees extremely low accumulation of heat which results in lower surface temperatures, quantifiable in 10-20°C less than conventional outdoor paving. Furthermore, the paving is resistant to chlorine and can be easily cleaned with a common pressure washer or with single-brush scrubber with nylon brushes.


Write to info@drenatech.com or call the no.  +39 0143 636103


The cost of the complete sample is €60. The cost of the personalized sample book with 6 samples is €25.
The discount on the invoice for the sample purchased will be applied to the first order.

Draining concrete
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