Public spaces

Drenatech® is ideal for all those projects with restrictions for use of environmentally-compatible materials.
The product is compatible for use in protected, naturalistically valuable environmental settings where returning water to the ground is required.

This makes it the perfect product for building piazzas, pavements, bike paths, car parks and driveways. Thanks to the natural recirculation of air within its “open” structure, the paving ensures lower surface temperature in the summer season - 10-20°C less than conventional outdoor paving. At the same time, it promotes the melting of ice and snow in the winter season.


Write to or call the no.  +39 0143 636103


Il costo del campionario completo è di 60€. Il costo del campionario personalizzato con 6 campioni è di 25€.
Al primo ordine verrà applicato lo sconto in fattura del campionario acquistato

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