Villas and gardens

Drenatech® is the optimal solution for gardens, terraces, as well as driveways and parking spaces.
Drenatech® is continuous paving.

Since it is cast in place, the final result is continuous paving that fully mimics the aesthetic effect of natural stone, allowing the material to fit perfectly into any setting, be it urban or rural, classic or modern.

This makes Drenatech® the optimal solution for the construction of pedestrian paths, gardens, terraces, but also driveways and parking spaces, making it the perfect material for functional and elegant paving in these applications.


Write to or call the no.  +39 0143 636103


Il costo del campionario completo è di 60€. Il costo del campionario personalizzato con 6 campioni è di 25€.
Al primo ordine verrà applicato lo sconto in fattura del campionario acquistato

Calcestruzzo Drenante
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