Residential buildings

Drenatech® can be used for both pedestrian areas and vehicle accessible areas of residential buildings.
Drenatech® lends itself to countless applications: pavements, pedestrian avenues, as well as parking lots and entry driveways.

The extremely high resistance to wear, to atmospheric and chemical agents, to UV rays and to freeze and thaw cycles, are all factors that guarantee a resistant, functional and versatile material that lasts over time without undergoing yellowing or alteration of the appearance in general.

Our flooring can be laid on multiple types of substrates: starting from draining concrete screeds to ensure total vertical permeability up to conventional cementitious substrates or well-consolidated existing floors.


Write to or call the no.  +39 0143 636103


Il costo del campionario completo è di 60€. Il costo del campionario personalizzato con 6 campioni è di 25€.
Al primo ordine verrà applicato lo sconto in fattura del campionario acquistato

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