A fully customisable drainage pavement

The Drenatech® paving can be made using a wide range of aggregates that differ in size, shape and colour range.

The features of the material make it possible to make custom mixes and to create any pattern, logo or decoration. This versatility makes it possible to obtain the ideal combination to enhance any project and have fully tailor-made paving.


See the colour range

Natural stone floors and coverings have natural colours, often featuring different intensity depending on the genesis of the rocks.

As they are natural materials, the aggregates of Drenatech® pavements may feature colour variations due to natural geological variables. As well as in different colours, they are available in two different grain sizes, enabling endless colour and shape combinations.


Write to info@drenatech.com or call the no.  +39 0143 636103


The cost of the complete sample is €60. The cost of the personalized sample book with 6 samples is €25.
The discount on the invoice for the sample purchased will be applied to the first order.

Draining concrete
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