Pebble Nero Ebano

2/4 mm, 4/8 mm

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Available sizes
2/4 mm
4/8 mm
Technical features
Max aggregate diameter
from 2 to 8 mm
Yield of material 1
8 Kg/sq.m. (thickness 1 cm)
Compressive strength
20 MPa
Determination of impact strength
3,19 Joule
Bending strength
6 MPa
Determination of adhesion strength
1,7 MPa
1700 Kg/mc
Percentage of gaps
> 15% < 30%
Slip resistance
Drainage capacity
3,68*10-1 m/s
800 mm/min
Slip resistance for pool decks
Class B

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The cost of the complete sample is €60. The cost of the personalized sample book with 6 samples is €25.
The discount on the invoice for the sample purchased will be applied to the first order.

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