Drenatech® is also photoluminescent!


Among the countless customisation options we have recently introduced special photoluminescent aggregates: a clean, safe and environmentally friendly light source!

In addition to purely aesthetic applications, as in the case of logos (see photo gallery), photoluminescent aggregates can provide an innovative and functional solution to border avenues, streets and pedestrian and/or cycle paths. From now on, the beauty of Drenatech will shine also at night...



Photoluminescence is the distinctive physical property of rare inorganic aluminates, found in nature, capable of “capturing” and trapping solar or artificial light and then “returning” it in the dark for more than eight hours, with decreasing intensity.


Write to info@drenatech.com or call the no.  +39 0143 636103


Il costo del campionario completo è di 60€. Il costo del campionario personalizzato con 6 campioni è di 25€.
Al primo ordine verrà applicato lo sconto in fattura del campionario acquistato

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